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Denture Adjustments Specialist

Evergreen Denture Center

Denturist located in Vancouver, WA

Whether you’ve had your dentures recently placed or have noticed changes in them over time, denture adjustments are often required to maintain the comfort and proper function of your teeth. At Evergreen Denture Center in Vancouver, Washington, the team provides convenient same-day denture adjustments. Led by experienced denturist Vadim Zalyashko, LD, the practice specializes in personalized denture care. To schedule your visit, call the office or request your appointment online today.

Denture Adjustments Q & A

Why might I need denture adjustments?

Over time, many changes can alter the fit of your denture. Your denture fits snugly to your jaw bone and gums. Changes to these structures, like receding or shrinking gums, can cause your denture to fit poorly. Wear, tear, and damage can also impact the way your denture fits. Patients with new dentures frequently require adjustments to ensure that they fit comfortably and function properly.

Wearing a poorly fitting denture puts you at risk for some serious oral health complications. If you think you require a denture adjustment, the specialists at Evergreen Denture Center can help you restore the function of your prosthetic. 

How do I know if I need a denture adjustment?

If your denture isn’t fitting the way it should, there are various signs you might notice, including:

  • Jaw soreness
  • Uneven pressure 
  • Irritated gums
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Significant movement of the denture
  • Changes to facial shape
  • Difficulty speaking

If you experience changes to the function of your smile, you may need a denture adjustment. Attempting to adjust your denture at home often results in further damage. If your denture becomes cracked, chipped, or broken, you may require a repair or replacement. The team works with you to find the right solution for restoring your smile. If your denture causes you pain or discomfort, book an appointment at Evergreen Denture Center to avoid further complications.

What are the risks of poorly fitted dentures?

If you experience complications with your prosthetic, it’s important to seek denture care as soon as possible. Loose or ill-fitting dentures put uneven pressure on your gums and jaw. Wearing a poorly fitting denture for prolonged periods can irritate your gums and increases your risk for sores, inflammation, and infection. 

Denture adjustments are a simple and cost-effective way to maintain the function of your prosthetic and avoid a number of serious oral health concerns. Evergreen Denture Center is equipped with an on-site lab and often completes necessary adjustments within the same day. To schedule your denture adjustment, call the office or request your appointment online today.