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Flippers Specialist

Evergreen Denture Center

Denturist located in Vancouver, WA

If you’ve experienced the loss of a tooth, flippers are a simple and convenient solution for temporary tooth replacement. At Evergreen Denture Center in Vancouver, Washington, denture specialist Vadim Zalyashko, LD, and his team provide customized, natural-looking flipper teeth. To find out if a flipper tooth is right for you, call the office or request your appointment online today.

Flippers Q & A

What are dental flippers?

A dental flipper is a removable denture used to replace one or more missing teeth. A dental flipper is a retainer-like device made from an acrylic material that resembles your natural gums. A replacement tooth is attached to the device to provide temporary (or sometimes long-term) tooth restoration. 

Dental flippers are easy to operate and can be popped in or out of your mouth as needed. Dental flippers snap in between your teeth and can be equipped with clasps (like a retainer) or wires for increased support. Flippers are a simple and trusted way to restore missing teeth temporarily. 

When are dental flippers used?

Flippers are used in several different applications. Flippers are commonly used to restore your missing teeth temporarily during the dental implant process. When getting dental implants, extraction of the damaged tooth, and placement of the implant require several periods of recovery. The healing process of dental implant surgery can take up to six months. Flippers are a simple and effective way to restore your smile temporarily during this process. Flippers help you maintain your appearance as well as the function of your smile. They also prevent your teeth from shifting as you await your implant. 

For patients who are too young for dental implants, flippers may be used as a semi-permanent solution until their jaw is developed enough to undergo surgery.  

How do I care for a dental flipper?

Although flippers are primarily a temporary solution, there are a few best practices to help you get the longest use out of your device. These include:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Removing the flipper at night
  • Soaking overnight
  • Scheduling regular dentist visits

Proper maintenance is key to the function of your device. Failure to clean or upkeep your flipper can increase your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Because flippers are made of a lightweight material, it's important to handle your device with care. Wearing a damaged or ill-fitting flipper can irritate your gums.

To find out if a flipper is right for you, call the office or request an appointment online today.